Thomas Peru - Manager and Partner
Mark Irvine - Chief Editor
Ryan Peru - Producer, Director, Post Production

Aztec Media Company opened business on July 4, 1994, established by Production Manager Tom Peru
and Digital Editor Mark Irvine - both formerly holding the same positions at the historic and long-
established Alexander Film Company of Colorado. Aztec Media was formed in partnership with Alexander (now closed) to develop the TV, video and emerging internet operations of the original organization.

Aztec Media Company claims "thousands of TV ads" and other productions. This is no exaggeration as we were (and are) the prime contractors for numerous regional/ national cable television entities including Century Cable, Adelphia, Time-Warner Broadcast, AT&T Cable, CS CableVision, WanTV, Falcon Cable (Military) and recently -Comcast and CenturyLink Prism.

Additionally, we are fully operational as a long-format production and post-house, creating episodic
shows and info-mercials for TV and web, as well as non-broadcast products such as Corporate ID
videos, Training and How-To videos, Business, and Educational and Industrial productions by the score.

In our twenty years we have worked with many business entities in the region, including government, religious and private organizations - far too many to list. (Exclusions provided by request).

Awards and accolades? - Yes, local and national- however we are not award-seekers… Since many of
our clients are businesses such as advertising agencies and broadcast entities… We prefer to let them
"trophy-up" their lobbies and boardrooms as we quietly do our business behind the scenes.

Although we have employed as many as six full-time staffers and maintained a complete soundstage,
we are now streamlined and lean - but with a full and comprehensive Roll-o-dex of contractors and as-needed production partners and studio facilities. We are fully mobile and versatile, having shot various productions from coast-to-coast (and internationally) with our agency and business associates.

Aztec Media Manager Tom Peru comes from a film background, originally as Union Set Carpenter and eventually actor (IMDb -Tom Peru). He works now as Aztec Field Production Manager and DP.
Mark Irvine has earned a well-deserved reputation as being the quickest and best digital editor in the area.
Ryan Peru has inherited a legacy of valuable production and editing talents, and also maintains his own business as a nationally-known graphics artist and designer- - Denver Colorado.

In-House facilities include MEDIA CONVERSION transfer to-and-from virtually any video format including analog to digital and back. Also, we keep DVD and CD duplication operations up and running to accommodate our clients that may need several hundred discs produced on short (one-day) notice. Or have a video posted to the web, or through the cloud.

We are fully HD-capable with Cinema-Grade Panasonic and Sony cameras, suibtable for almost any production style or project.

For questions, quotes, comments or concerns, please feel free to call or contact us anytime;
Thank You,
Tom Peru Manager, Aztec Media Company, 2931 N Prospect St, Colorado Springs CO 80907

e-mail: Ph: (719) 442-2333 Toll-Free (877) 442-2333










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